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Developing scalable cloud environments, we allow organisations to work more efficiently and effectively to ultimately save time and money.

Mercato’s primary platforms – KnowledgeKube, Progora, PreSalesAdvisor and KnowledgeBus, can create unique marketplaces for both products and services, rapidly build complex enterprise applications, provide advanced CPQ (configure, price, quote) systems, price benchmark to save organisations on IT procurement and much more.

What makes Mercato different?

Our understanding of communities, our industry knowledge, our passion, our experience, the optimisations we provide, the usability of our products, our proven technology, and most importantly, it’s the community adoption of our products.

The speed and extensibility of our platforms, makes us different from the rest.

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Four great platforms, one clear choice

Our e-Procurement platform that enables you to create your own business marketplace for buying all products and services. Users get a consumer shopping-like experience, and procurement gets innovative technology and analytics that help lower expenditure, reduce rogue procurement, strengthen supplier relationships and improve collaboration.

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Our award-winning app development platform. Without having to write code, you can produce enterprise web and mobile apps faster and cheaper than using traditional development methods. Without a doubt, it’s the fastest way for business users and IT professionals alike to create, test and deploy apps that run across devices. – Not only that, KnowledgeKube is the extensibility platform of choice when rapidly expanding solutions based on our other platforms.

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Our pre-sales platform that makes it easy to configure, price, quote for verified technology configurations. It’s a user-friendly product that helps everyone in the channel work more efficiently to meet user demand. And that translates to more revenue and higher gross profit.

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Makes it easy to benchmark IT purchases against daily trade guide price and stock levels on over 150,000 products from more than 2,500 manufacturers. It’s a CIPS-accredited application that empowers you when negotiating with suppliers. A system that saves its users up to 24% on their procurement.

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