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Huntsman Security

Measuring Your Cyber Security Posture

Huntsman Security – established in Sydney, London and Tokyo – is a cyber security vendor focused on real-time security threat detection, verification and resolution. Recognised by Forrester Research, their Security Analytics, Automation, and Cyber Security Scorecard solutions are deployed in large, mission-critical security operations centres within national intelligence, border protection, critical infrastructure and managed security services.  Huntsman Security technology proactively detects indicators of compromise and continuously monitors the effectiveness of security controls.

The Huntsman Security Scorecard continuously measures your cyber security posture across a range of key security performance indicators. The eight controls identified are as a result of analysis of organisations that have succumbed to cyber attacks and malware. The Security Scorecard focuses on the eight controls that have been found to have the highest impact on preventing a cyber attack and improving your ability to recover from one. Measuring control effectiveness is a key element of any risk
management process.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Download Huntsman's Security Scorecard Overview.pdfDownload Huntsman’s Security_Scorecard_Overview.pdf

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