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Consistency and quality of delivery

At the heart of all Edge IT Group delivered services are robust, tried & tested methodologies. Edge IT Group’s methodology is focused on consistency of delivery, assured as a consequence of method-driven delivery, which is client-centric and ensures consistency and quality of delivery.

A highly structured methodology requires ‘expertise and experience’, it is a Governance by which any projects can be delivered in a consistent manner that is transparent to both the client and the Consultancy delivery team.

Edge IT Group methodologies are a bottom-up & top-down approach that follows this ‘rule-book.’

  • Top-level buy-in and commitment to the project; all too often there will be a disconnect between the Board the Management team and the Users, with little active involvement at C suite level, in the detail, where necessary
  • The formulation of ‘fit for purpose’ project teams and working parties
  • A project documentation and communications governance
  • The mapping and definition of new processes and requirements
  • A robust business case with metrics that support the financial commitment from the business to the project
  • A science behind the ‘budget and timescale’ definition that is achievable and realistic, projects run to a ‘price’ are compromised before they even commence
  • A Change Management methodology that, ‘understands where the customer is today’, acknowledges their circumstances, ‘has clarity of thought to where the customer wants to be tomorrow’, and delivers real ‘digital transformation
  • Engaging the users in a process that is to their, and the companies best interest, and is not seen as a threat

The Consultant needs powers of ‘diplomacy and patience’, which will be supported by the science behind the methodology.

A simple but effective formula

Listening, challenging & understanding
Methodologies + Quality = Happy Customer = Long Term Relationships

Listen, Challenge, Understand

Listen… we take the time to ‘really’ listen, observe and absorb the customer’s circumstances and peculiarities.

Challenge… we are not afraid to challenge & question, if the customer is misinformed, biased or simply mistaken, we don’t take the easy option and just agree.

Understand… without a total understanding of the customer’s journey, including the challenges, the options, the level of investment, the risks, the politics, and anticipated benefits, success is a ‘shot in the dark’.


Without method, there cannot be consistency, utilising the combined skills of 30 years in IT Consultancy, and being the largest independent IT consultancy in the UK, the CEO and his team developed robust, tried & tested methodologies.

The same diligence is the back-bone of the Recruitment business, coupled with one of the best databases of ‘triple-A’ contractors & consultants in the UK.


Couple our Mission statement with robust methods and a total drive for customer satisfaction = Quality.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Ultimately the customer is ‘always-right’, and the customer will determine whether an initial engagement develops into a longer term relationship. The motivation of Edge is ‘’long-term customer relationships’’ providing the customer, with the full spectrum of Edge services, where appropriate.