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IT Consultancy

Traditional IT Consultancy

Edge IT Group is a people-oriented business with a focus on Consultancy services, covering client-side advice on guidance on all matters related to Applications, IT Department, Cyber, Business Process Management (BPM), Process Mapping & Change management.

External IT consultants are required where the customer does not have the ‘time or the talent’ internally to tackle IT projects/initiatives. Edge IT Group will quote fixed-scope, fixed-price programmes to meet the requirement. In addition our consultants will endeavour to bring innovative or disruptive thinking to either retain a competitive advantage and or become a market sector leader.

Edge IT Group brings focus, best practice and clear thinking. Edge IT Group will identify the teams within the business that will ‘step-up’ to the challenges, whilst helping the client deal with some of the challenges from factions within the business that may choose not to support change initiatives.

Ultimately the client should view Edge IT Group as part of the organisation ‘value-chain’, always available to provide expert and value advice on IT related matters.

  • IT Options & Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Department Transformation
  • Technology reviews of:
    • Applications
    • Development
    • Infrastructure and Managed services
    • Cloud migration
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Specification and Vendor selection
  • Financial and Contractual negotiation support
  • Project and Programme management services
  • O&D365 consultancy & project management
  • Pre-decision audits
  • Post-implementation reviews
  • Expert Witness service: if the project is beyond salvage, providing expert testimony for the Lawyers to assist in the Litigation process

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