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BPM & Digital Development

Business Process Management (BPM) & Digital Development

Edge IT Group provides end to end BPM and Digital development services, from strategy definition, process mapping, requirement definition, solution prototyping, full end to end development and solution implementation and change management services.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Does your business want to reduce the cost of back office & business support systems?

Businesses are coming under attack; both from regulation & legislation, supply-chain and from continuous competitive pressure, ‘’everyone wants to eat everyone else’s lunch.’’

All this puts pressure on increasing indirect costs and ultimately margins. Too many companies are burdened with legacy systems, that neither do what the business needs today or what the business wants for the future. Too many ‘shadow IT solutions,’ spreadsheets, workarounds or user-defined databases or manual systems promote inefficiency  

’The digital economy is filled with challenges, opportunities and risks’’…does that apply to you?

To compete and win; the most innovative businesses are embracing new business models and processes that drive improved value for customers and employees, companies need a formal BPM initiative that enables them to; move faster, innovate faster and work smarter.

5 Digital Transformation predictions for 2019 and beyond

  1. Traditional industries will be hit hard by emerging technology in 2019/20
  2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will dramatically impact over 100 million traditional jobs
  3. With Cloud computing expected to surge from $67B to $162b by 2020, the gap between start-ups and large companies will shrink faster than ever
  4. In 2020 AI will become a net job creator, creating 2.3m jobs while only eliminating 1.8m. Net job creation will vary by industry, with manufacturing experiencing the biggest impact
  5. Global spending on Digital Transformation technology will surge to $1.2 trillion this year, and hit $2 trillion by 2020

4 more Digital Transformation factors

Talent shortage

82% can’t attract and retain the software engineers they need

Overwhelming customer demands

72% don’t believe they can scale to keep up with business demand in the coming years

Application backlog

20% of businesses have 50 or more major apps development requests in their backlog

Pressure to fix issues quickly

91% struggle with resource to address business critical apps

What’s the market saying about solutions?

‘Low-code’ business process application development platforms bring three core capabilities to organisations, that is a perfect fit to help enable real digital transformation.

  • Build new capabilities, quickly
  • Measure what works and doesn’t work, quickly
  • Make changes, quickly.

Firstly, take time to “Define your Digital Posture”

Low-code dev platforms add value in three specific ways:

  • Making it easy to share knowledge and coordinate work across teams, departments and business entities
  • Making it easy to change behaviour and reflect policy changes
  • Making it easy to track and manage performance over time.

Digital Development

Edge IT Group has partnered with Mercato, the authors of the world-leading KnowledgeKube Low-code development platform. The object of many companies is to automate each and every process within their business; in many cases this will involve updating antique legacy systems, a myriad of spreadsheets and web-based applications that suffer from poor UX & UI front-ends. Edge IT Group will work client-side to:

  • Assist the client to develop a Digital strategy
  • Qualify the cost and benefits of application development
  • Review in-house versus outsources development options
  • Specify the functional requirements for specific development projects
  • Provide fixed-scope and fixed-price programmes and prime the engagements
  • Manage the sprint/prototyping phase
  • Manage the development
  • Manage the roll-out of the new applications

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The Four-Pillar Digital Innovation Program

You need a proven methodology to execute successfully.

Organisations that want to streamline their processes to become more efficient, need a proven methodology to execute this successfully. At Edge, we have developed a ‘four-pillar’ digital innovation program aimed at bringing businesses ‘up to speed’ with the latest digital transformation technologies and helping them manage projects from ‘concept to reality’.


Our clients want to start implementing high-value innovative projects that require a faster development approach. Usually, complex projects require on-going effective collaboration between Business and IT.  First, the project needs to be broken down into the following steps:

  • Strategic vision
  • Scope & objectives
  • Outline project plan
  • Success criteria
  • Budget guidelines
  • Development plan
  • Progress monitoring methods

This requires corporations between the Business, and IT, for effective project prioritisation and collaboratively, sadly the Achilles-heel of many IT projects. Edge will sit between the Business & IT, to ensure that the project objectives are not lost amidst an array of often irrelevant and self-serving IT practices.


You need to identify the people to build a ‘Centre of Excellence’ to deliver your innovation projects, and train this cross-functional team of business and tech-savvy individuals to collaborate, at speed.


Your innovation team, led by an Edge Consultant needs to establish a process for rapid development, so they’re releasing new functionality and iterating continually based on user feedback. The team will have to implement modern DevOps practices to build the deployment agility required to continuously iterate, and release at scale. The team also need to craft a governance framework, so you maintain control of your application landscape, but allow your innovation teams to create scores of apps at speed.


To execute a digital transformation strategy organisations need the right set of tools. Low code platforms are proven to speed up application development, eliminate time constraints and ensure smooth integration with legacy systems.

KnowledgeKube is our preferred low code platform because of its unique features and ease of creating, testing and deploying apps without the complications of coding across multiple devices. The ability to build rich cloud-based user experiences, across industries faster than traditional development methods empowers businesses to kickstart their digital transformation journey.

Edge has partnered with Mercato to empower organisations to achieve all objectives faster and smarter by adding value to their business and customers. By consuming data from anywhere, either on-premise or in the cloud, enterprises have greater access to information. By incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into your business applications, big data systems become a reality.

Exceed expectations with KnowledgeKube & Edge

KnowledgeKube allows your business users to create powerful applications faster without having to excessively write code or look for additional developer assistance. At the heart of the development process, users become the domain experts.

While building applications, users can showcase their progress with stakeholders and key teams. Modifications to apps can be performed and tested in real-time for true agile development.

The low code platform incorporates role-based users; this enables different application views, areas and control. It has never been easier to consume, update, search and display relevant content to your users.

Increase your business value and USP

Building solutions that leverage emerging technologies, IoT, Machine Learning and Cognitive Services are typically very complex, requiring many different platforms, bespoke software and a multitude of skillful people. Edge manage projects powered by KnowledgeKube, this allows us to easily incorporate new technology to drive intelligent, context-aware and proactive smart applications.

Build apps that automatically adapt interfaces and behaviour based upon business and environmental conditions. Future-Proof solutions to incorporate new interactional inputs such as conversational interfaces, chatbots and wearables.

Quickly enhance your apps with real-time analytics, machine learning, and AI services, and with the ability to connect to unlimited API’s we can provide full end-to-end solutions that incorporate both legacy and future systems.

Rapid Innovation and Prototyping

Prototyping is an integral part of the design process, it provides a deeper understanding of user behaviour, empowers teams to review working concepts and provides better feedback earlier in the lifecycle of a project.

KnowledgeKube allows the construction of working prototypes from day one, by deploying agile, iterative development, your prototype apps seamlessly evolve into production versions, saving significant amounts of both time and money while also reducing the risk of failure.

  • Bring ideas to life by quickly building functional prototypes
  • Improve user experiences with fast iterations
  • Quickly create models, combine UI elements, and preview apps as they develop

The KnowledgeKube low-code platform helps your team focus on users while also satisfying business objectives

  • Enable business user involvement throughout the development of the application
  • Gain real-world feedback from users earlier on in the application lifecycle by deploying working prototypes

Front-end interfaces look better with KnowledgeKube

Inbuild design framework libraries enable better-looking fluid designs with consistent application interfaces out of the box, helping to promote end product consistency throughout your portfolio. Not only that, but the platform also fully supports all web-standard technologies, ensuring consistency across all new and existing online outputs.

Keep your users ‘front and centre.’

The KnowledgeKube low-code platform helps your teams focus on users throughout the entire design and development process, allowing them to deliver apps that satisfy both user needs and business objectives.

Enable active involvement of business users across the complete application lifecycle with an integrated collaboration portal.

Share working prototypes instantly with users to begin collecting and iterating based on real-world feedback, continually gather insights with a built-in feedback loop that’s integrated into the development environment.

Move from prototype to production, seamlessly

Instead of throw-away mock-ups, KnowledgeKube allows your teams to create working prototypes that evolve seamlessly to production apps, saving significant time and effort.

Extend prototypes with complex logic and integrations with the KnowledgeKube’s modelling functionality, promoting collaboration through a shared visual language.

Iteratively develop solutions with built-in tools for managing agile projects, quickly deploy and scale successful apps, leveraging out-of-the-box high availability and failover for Web-scale operations.

Promote consistency and reuse

Using KnowledgeKube UI, your UX resources can define an enterprise design language for developers to leverage within their apps, promoting consistency and reuse across your app portfolio.

Create an enterprise design language containing your brand’s theme and a customised set of page templates, building blocks, and widgets.

Empower developers without UI design skills to deliver great UX leveraging reusable UI elements based on best practices.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We take security very seriously. Data is transparently encrypted to protect it in play or at rest; network communications are encrypted, high availability and scalability options are a given, and our private cloud and the KnowledgeKube platform are ISO 27001, CESG and Cyber Essentials Plus security accredited.

Identity management and security information are essential features of KnowledgeKube, dependant on role management for new user approvals and access permissions to solutions.

The low code platform utilises Microsoft .NET technology providing both high scalability and durability for all solutions deployed. Backed by Microsoft Trusted Cloud, KnowledgeKube solutions are both scalable and secure having already been deployed worldwide in more than 150 countries.

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