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Edge IT Group

Edge IT Group is the vision of Andrew Krauze who formulated a ‘services and solution’ vision and created the partner and solution tool-set infrastructure to achieve this.

Edge IT Group is an IT consulting and solutions delivery business; the objective is to sit ‘client-side’ to help our clients define their business issues and needs and for Edge IT Group to ‘prime’ (if required) the solution with our supply-chain of market-leading technology solutions providers.

Edge IT Group will draw upon a team of highly experienced Consultants to deliver services, the core of whom have worked with Andrew on multiple projects over many years.

Edge IT Group services fall into three categories: IT Consultancy covering ERP application specification and selection and IT department transformation; Cyber & Penetration testing covering Cyber consultancy, Cyber audits and Security Analytics solutions, Penetration Testing, and Cyber remediation services; and Business Process Management and Digital development covering BPM vision definition, BPM execution plan, and Digital Development utilising low-code technologies.

Engagements cover:

  • Business & IT change
  • Digital transformation
  • Expansion/Acquisition
  • Business innovation
  • Regulatory & compliance
  • Mission critical solutions
  • Cost optimisation

Sectors covered include:

  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Logistics and transport
  • Engineering & manufacturing
  • Service sector
  • Gambling & Gaming

The Founder

Andrew Krauze
Andrew Krauze
Founder & CEO

Andrew Krauze was the Founder and Managing Director of CCL Solutions which he established in November 1986 and sold in July 2017.
The Consultancy provided independent IT consultancy services for over 30 years, conducting over 2,500 consultancy engagements with over 500 clients and in that time was recognised as the largest Independent IT/ERP consultancy in the UK.
Andrew also established CCL-Forensics in 2001, which became the largest Digital Forensics provider in the UK.

Why Choose Us

Edge IT Group’s Consultants bring the following attributes to projects:

Generally speaking clients don’t have the spare capacity to undertake complex IT projects, traditionally this is assigned to IT or Finance or at worst an enthusiastic student/intern, these projects tend not to go well.


Our talent is our knowledge; this will have been amassed over years of experience, and the collective experiences and knowledge of the Edge IT Group Consultancy team.


The know-how is the methods we apply to an engagement, this is the Consultants ‘holy grail’. Success is a formula or a set of rules that can be applied to individual engagements, all too often Consultants will reinvent the wheel at great cost and risk to the clients project; not at Edge IT Group. Our founding philosophy is the integrity of the methodology and how that is customised to the individual client.

Our Methodology

At the heart of the methodology is the sometimes forgotten users, and the journey they will embark upon to ‘change’ and move to a better ‘digital-world’.

Happy users mean successful projects.

Listen, Challenge, Understand



Customer Service & Satisfaction

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“The most challenging chasm to cross in an IT project is ‘making analog users digital’. Today we live in an era where technology generally works ‘out of the box,’ the usual stumbling block is the ability of the business to transform and accept new technology, methods and processes.”