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iranian-flagCybersecurity experts are seeing malicious activity from pro-Iranian forces, and warning that Iran has the capacity to do real damage to American computer systems.

WASHINGTON — Iran’s declaration on Wednesday that a missile attack on Iraq had “concluded proportionate measures” against the United States in response to the killing of its most important general may amplify the Trump administration’s attention on computer systems as the next battlefield in its showdown with Tehran.

Cybersecurity experts and government officials are already monitoring an uptick of malicious activity by pro-Iranian hackers and social media users that they believe are harbingers of more serious computer attacks from Tehran, including possible efforts aimed at destroying government databases.

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Travelex hackers threaten to sell credit card data on dark web

credit-cardsSodinokibi cyber gangsters have threatened to sell Travelex’s customers’ private data on a Russian underground cyber crime forum if it fails to pay a $6m ransom, but the foreign exchange company says there is no evidence customer data has been compromised.

Cyber gangsters have stepped up the pressure on Travelex to pay a $6m ransom to decrypt the company’s data by issuing a new threat to sell personal data about its customers on the dark web.

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Don’t become the next Travelex: Get ready for ransomware

With Travelex’s IT still in disarray and banks and travellers left without access to funds more than a week after it was hit by a ransomware attack, we ask what others can learn from the foreign exchange services company’s response to the incident.

When Computer Weekly first reported that the systems of foreign currency exchange services provider Travelex were down following a hack on Friday 3 January, it seemed like just another ransomware attack, distinctive merely for being the first of many that we will report on in 2020. It wasn’t.