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Iran admits to using hacking to avoid US sanctions on news website.

Arrests in Netherlands and Northern Ireland as FBI seizes WeLeakInfo.com, which offered index of 10,000 data breaches for as little as £1.50 per day.

The criminal group responsible for the cyber attack that has disrupted high-street banks and the foreign currency exchange chain Travelex for more than three weeks has launched what has been described as a “massive cyber attack” on a German automotive parts supplier.

A hacker who seems to be a DDoS-for-hire (DDoS booter) service operator, has published a massive list of 515,000 Telnet credentials consisting passwords of servers, home routers, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The published list also includes IP address of each device along with a username and password of its Telnet service. Telnet is a remote access protocol that can be used to control devices over the internet.

[UK] Job performance details about more than 900 employees of a major office-space provider have been published online by accident after a staff review.

French officials have filed preliminary charges of money laundering and extortion against Russian bitcoin fraud suspect Alexander Vinnik, who’s tangled in a multi-country legal battle.

Terrorism Institute Reports Hamas Using Bitcoin A.

Saudi Arabia has denied that its crown prince was responsible for hacking Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ phone. A message from a phone number used by the Prince has been implicated in the data breach, according to reports.

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