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General Election 2019: How computers wrote BBC election result stories

automationFor the first time, BBC News published a news story for every constituency that declared election results overnight – all written by a computer.

It was the BBC’s biggest test of machine-generated journalism so far.

Each of nearly 700 articles – most in English but 40 of them in Welsh – was checked by a human editor before publication.

The head of the project said the tech was designed to enhance the service provided rather than to replace humans.

“This is about doing journalism that we cannot do with human beings at the moment,” said Robert McKenzie, editor of BBC News Labs.

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Alarm bells ring, the IoT is listening

internet-of-thingsWith Christmas bearing down on us, a series of vulnerability disclosures has drawn attention to the parlous state of IoT security, and serves as a timely warning to people planning to buy smart devices as gifts.

As the holiday season approaches, a number of flaws have been identified in popular internet of things (IoT) devices, prompting renewed warnings over consumer security, with millions of people set to find some kind of smart device under the tree.