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A former member of a hacker group the “Chuckling Squad,” which has claimed responsibility for taking over notable social media profiles, was reportedly arrested.

Recent attacks against roughly 2,000 organisations per month have Microsoft researchers concerned. The new group is known as APT33, but they also use other names such as Refined Kitten, Elfin, and Holmium.

Vytautas Parfionovas was criminally charged in a federal court in Brooklyn, NY, for stealing funds from and engaging in unauthorised trading of securities in accounts of US customers at various unnamed financial institutions from 2011 through 2018. According to an affidavit by a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation included with the complaint, the defendant obtained access to the accounts through usernames and passwords he obtained through phishing and other computer intrusions.

A Florida lawyer who boasted of making “50 by 50” – as in, $50m by the age of 50 – is now facing a potential 50+ years behind bars for money laundering and lying to banks about funds flowing from OneCoin, a cryptocoin Ponzi scheme that started in Bulgaria but spread like a money-sucking fungus around the world. Mark Scott, 51, a former equity partner at the law firm Locke Lord LLP, was convicted in Manhattan Federal Court on Thursday for laundering about $400 million from the massive international OneCoin fraud.

Phishing and bank card fraud is on the increase because it is becoming cheaper to create look-alike banking websites, the Dutch banking association NVB and payment traffic association Betaalvereniging have found.

A Russian hacker has been sentenced to four years in US prison for using the NeverQuest banking Trojan to infect the computers of unwitting victims, steal their login information for online banking accounts, and use it to wipe out their accounts.

A website which sold a hacking tool purchased by cyber criminals in 124 countries and gave full remote control of victims’ computers has been taken down following an international investigation. 14,500 people across the world purchased the Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan (IM RAT) from https://imminentmethods.net for as little as $25USD.

India wants to conduct an audit of WhatsApp’s security systems following revelations that a spyware exploited vulnerabilities in the Facebook-owned messaging platform, the country’s technology minister said on Thursday.

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