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[21st November 2019] A country of 80 million people – and practically no way to get online. Iran’s internet shutdown has lasted for four days now, sparking international concern.

India’s main cyber security agency, Cert, has asked users to update WhatsApp on their phones after the discovery of a new malware on older versions of the messaging app.

The Twitter account of Arron Banks, the founder of the pro-Brexit campaign Leave.EU, has been suspended after being hacked.

Disney said Tuesday that its new streaming service is secure, denying there was a breach following a report that some users were shut out after hackers tried to break into their accounts.

Google and Samsung phones could be hijacked by hackers – allowing crooks to take photos and record video from afar. Hundreds of millions of handsets are believed to be affected by the dangerous and widespread flaw.

Indians have expressed concern after it emerged that a popular cafe chain – Chaayos – is using facial recognition software to bill customers.

A one-time partner at a leading international law firm was convicted on money laundering charges in connection with a $400 million scam. Mark Scott of Lock Lord LLP now faces 30 years in prison for his role in the pyramid scheme known as “One Coin.”

Chinese cyber-security vendor Qihoo 360 published a report on Friday exposing an extensive hacking operation targeting the country of Kazakhstan. Targets included individuals and organisations involving all walks of life, such as government agencies, military personnel, foreign diplomats, researchers, journalists, private companies, the educational sector, religious figures, government dissidents, and foreign diplomats.


Two women in South Africa have been filmed carrying a large bag, apparently containing a corpse, out of a branch of well-known insurance company Old Mutual. In a video clip, that has been widely shared on social media, the women can be seen struggling with a large blue body bag before loading it into the back of a car. It has been alleged that Old Mutual refused to pay funeral costs unless the family provided proof of death.

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