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The city of Johannesburg shut down its website and billing systems after a group hacked into the authority’s system and demanded a ransom of four Bitcoins worth about US$30,000 (S$40,896).

An Iranian hacking group was itself hacked by a Russian group to spy on multiple countries, UK and US intelligence agencies have revealed. The Iranian group – codenamed OilRig – had its operations compromised by a Russian-based group Sudan’s transitional government and several major rebel groups have signed a peace agreement that will open humanitarian aid routes into areas cut off by insurgency conflicts for the past eight years.

Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, the president of controversial Panama-based payments processor Crypto Capital tied to Bitfinex and other major cryptocurrency exchanges, was arrested by Polish authorities.

Indian police have now shut two call centres and arrested seven people suspected of involvement in the scam [computer software service fraud], which has seen victims lose thousands. The arrests follow an international operation involving British and Indian Police and the tech giant Microsoft.

Britain’s cyber-defence centre has thwarted more than one million cases of suspected payment card fraud in the last year, its annual review reveals.

Russian hackers piggy-backed on an Iranian cyber-espionage operation to attack government and industry organisations in dozens of countries while masquerading as attackers from the Islamic republic, British and US officials said [last] Monday.

A Nigerian citizen living in Atlanta has been sentenced to over six years in federal prison for perpetrating an “international cyber fraud scheme,” the Justice Department announced on Wednesday. Olufolajimi Abegunde, 32, was convicted in March for his role in a criminal scheme whereby deceptive e-mail addresses and fake dating profiles were used to lure money from unsuspecting victims. According to prosecutors, the funds were then laundered and wired out of the country, ultimately depriving the United States of more than $10 million. Many of the proceeds went to various locations in West Africa.

Software glitches mean 6,500 fraud and cyber-crime cases reported to a police hotline have not been investigated, it emerged yesterday. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services also found 40 per cent of callers contacting the Action Fraud line – 20,000 a month – hang up in frustration because of ‘long delays in getting through’. Action Fraud is run by the City of London Police as a national clearing house for reports of cyber-crime and other frauds.

The US Department of Justice has announced that it has charged a 30 year old man from Miami, Florida in conjunction with an Apple Pay fraud conspiracy. The man had previously pleaded guilty to the charges, while three of co-conspirators have also been sentenced.

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