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Android Security Flaw: More than 1BN phones could be hacked with single text message

androidA major security flaw with Android mobile operating system has left over a billion Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony smartphones vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Researchers at cyber security firm Check Point identified the bug in Android-based phones, revealing that it only takes a single SMS text message to gain full access to a person’s emails.

Around 2.5 billion devices around the world use the Google owned Android, which is the world’s most popular operating system. Any security issues therefore can have widespread consequences for users.

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Over Half of UK Firms Still Not GDPR Compliant

gdprOver half of UK businesses aren’t compliant with the GDPR more than 15 months after its introduction, despite many reporting data security incidents to the ICO, according to new research from Egress.

The security vendor polled 250 “GDPR decision-makers” from companies of all sizes and sectors to compile its new report, GDPR compliance: where are we now?

Some 52% said they were not fully compliant with the EU-wide data protection regulation, with over a third (35%) claiming compliance had dropped down the priority list over the past year. That’s concerning given that GDPR compliance cannot be achieved via a one-off tick box exercise but requires continual attention.

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Wikipedia Gets $2.5m Donation to Boost Cybersecurity

The Wikimedia Foundation has received a $2.5m donation to boost its cybersecurity efforts following a major DDoS attack that left Wikipedia unavailable across much of the world last weekend.

The non-profit relies on charitable donations and volunteers to keep the online encyclopedia and other “free knowledge” projects running.

So it was relieved at the major cash injection, which came from Craigslist founder-turned-philanthropist Craig Newmark.

“Wikipedia’s continued success as a top-10 website that has hundreds of millions of users makes it a target for vandalism, hacking, and other cybersecurity threats that harm the free knowledge movement and community,” said John Bennett, director of security at the Wikimedia Foundation.

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When AIs go to war: Autonomous cyber weapons ‘inevitable’

CISOs must start thinking about how to engage with intelligent, adaptive, non-human attackers, says Trend Micro’s Rik Ferguson.

Cyber attacks perpetrated by artificial intelligences (AIs) operating autonomously from human oversight are basically inevitable, and security professionals urgently need to start thinking about how to adapt their policies to deal with this, according to Trend Micro’s vice-president of security research, Rik Ferguson.

Speaking at the supplier’s annual CloudSec event in London, Ferguson said that today, AI in the enterprise has not really advanced far beyond machine learning techniques for analysing large data pools, and is certainly nowhere near reaching Hal 9000 or Skynet-like capabilities.

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IoT security: Now dark web hackers are targeting internet-connected gas pumps

As more and more devices get connected to the Internet of Things, researchers say compromising pumps has become a hot topic on cyber criminal forums.

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