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Latest Facebook security lapse exposes millions to account hijack

facebook18 million UK users are among the more than 400 million at risk of account hijacking after phone numbers linked to their Facebook accounts were found in an open online database.

In the latest Facebook privacy lapse, the company stored more than 419 million Facebook IDs and phone numbers in an online server that was not password protected.

The dataset was discovered by a security researcher and included around 133 million records for users in the US, 18 million records for users in the UK and 50 million records for users in Vietnam, according to TechCrunch.

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Police use of controversial facial recognition technology deemed lawful

In a landmark hearing, the High Court has ruled that police use of automatic facial recognition technology is lawful, but that it still infringes on privacy rights.

Human rights group Liberty plans to appeal a ruling against the High Court in Cardiff that the use of automatic facial recognition (AFR) technology by South Wales Police is lawful, yet privacy-infringing.

The case, brought by Liberty on behalf of its client, Cardiff resident Ed Bridges, is the first of its kind to legally challenge the police use of the mass surveillance tool in the UK.

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Forget email: Scammers use CEO voice ‘deepfakes’ to con workers into wiring cash

voice-deepfakesAI-generated audio was used to trick a CEO into wiring $243,000 to a scammer’s bank account.