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Lloyds Bank says a new high-tech defence system which sniffs out fraudsters before they can strike has stopped more than 2,000 customers losing cash so far. Called “the Rat” by the fraud team at Lloyds, the technology looks for signs of unusual and suspect behaviour when people log into its banking services – which does not match customers’ normal habit

High-profile YouTubers have been targeted by cybercriminals over the weekend (21/22 September) in what appears to have been a highly coordinated and “massive” attack.

A new real estate email scam has cybercriminals cashing in. Losses have soared from $360 million in 2016 to $1.3 billion last year.

Russian hacker Andrei Tyurin has pleaded guilty to involvement in a massive data theft that targeted several financial firms, including JPMorgan Chase.

More than half of all Aussie workers have fallen victim to a hacking scam.

Airbus played down the risk of cyberattacks on Friday and said it had “appropriate measures” to mitigate any danger after an AFP investigation revealed a series of hacking incidents targeting the European aerospace giant.

A UK teenager convicted of hacking TalkTalk has been indicted in the US for a cryptocurrency computer fraud involving at least $800,000 (£640,000).

Comscore, a company that’s performance metrics are widely touted in the media world, has settled with the SEC following charges of inflating its own metrics.

Hacking group has targeted U.S. veterans through a fake hiring website hosting malware, according to research published Tuesday. The hacking unit, known as Tortoiseshell, created the Hire Military Heroes website.

Hackers looking into injecting card stealing code on routers, rather than website. Magecart (web skimming) attacks are evolving into a direction where they’re gonna be harder and harder to detect.

Ensure that your own security arrangements are adequate and robust at all times.
Report any suspicious activity to Police immediately.
Confidential Anti Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321 or dial 999.

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