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Most UK firms ignore security in tech investments

security-in-techLess than a quarter of UK firms prioritise security when investing in new technology, despite the threat of cyber attacks and data protection regulations, a survey reveals.

Security is not a top priority for UK firms seeking business benefits from digital transformation projects, according to a survey of 530 decision-makers.

Only 24% of respondents from a range of different-sized UK businesses said they were prioritising security in new technology investments.

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The Great, Big Ransomware Revival

Yesterday McAfee Labs released a report on the cyber-threat landscape during the first quarter of 2019. Researchers recorded a worrying 118% growth in new ransomware samples, along with innovative changes in the codes and tactics used to execute it.

While spear-phishing remained popular, the ransomware currently going through a resurgence increasingly targets exposed remote access points like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

RDP credentials can be cracked through a brute-force attack or bought in the cyber-criminal underground and then used to gain admin privileges, granting full rights to distribute and execute malware on corporate networks.

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Government investigates matching geospatial data with AI

geospatial-dataReport looks into the commercial opportunities of matching location data with a number of emerging technologies.

The government has funded a report to investigate the potential of matching geospatial data with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Funded by the Geospatial Commission and govtech venture firm Public, the report builds on wider Cabinet Office plans for cross-government digital transformation and looks into commercial opportunities around location data when enhanced with other technologies.

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UK gets first millionaire ethical hacker

Six months after the first millionaire ethical hacker was announced, five more have been recognised, including a Briton, who have collectively discovered nearly 5,000 vulnerabilities.

Mark Litchfield is the first ethical hacker from the UK, and among six in the world, to rack up $1m (£820,000) in earnings from hacking into government and top private sector organisations.

A bug bounty is a monetary award given to a hacker who finds and reports a valid security weakness to an organisation so it can be safely resolved.

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Russian police take down malware gang that infected 800,000+ Android smartphones

TipTop malware gang was making between $1,500 and $10,500 in daily profits.