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Eurofins Scientific: Cyber-attack leads to backlog of 20,000 forensic samples

forensic samplesA cyber-attack on the UK’s biggest forensic services provider led to a backlog of 20,000 samples, the BBC has learned.

Eurofins Scientific was targeted by a “highly-sophisticated” ransomware virus in June, which led British police to suspend work with the company.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) is now clearing the backlog, which includes blood and DNA specimens.

It warned of delays to police investigations and court cases.

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Data regulator probes King’s Cross facial recognition tech

facial-recognition-camerasThe facial-recognition system at King’s Cross is to be investigated by the UK’s data-protection watchdog.

Media exposure of live facial recognition at the site prompted the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to look into how it was being used.

The ICO will inspect the technology in place and how it is operated to ensure it does not break data protection laws.

The regulator said it was “deeply concerned” about the growing use of facial-recognition technology.

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UK businesses still overlooking human element in security

Most UK businesses are still failing to address the human element in cyber security as part of an integrated approach, exposing themselves unnecessarily to cyber criminal attacks, a study shows.

Only four in 10 (42%) businesses focus on compliance training as part of cyber security efforts to ensure sensitive data is kept secure, despite the fact that accidental lapses in security through carelessness or negligence are responsible for a significant proportion of security breaches, a report has revealed.

More worryingly, 63% rely predominantly on passwords to protect IT systems, according to a whitepaper on the link between personality types and vulnerabilities to cyber crime by security firm Eset and business psychology organisation the Myers-Briggs Company.

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Choice Hotels Breach: Hackers Leave Ransom Note For 700K Records

Hackers claim to have stolen 700,000 customer records from Choice Hotels thanks to an exposed MongoDB instance, it has emerged.

The US-based chain, which runs franchised outlets in over 40 countries worldwide, is now being held to ransom after the hackers left a note demanding 0.4 Bitcoin (around $3800) in payment for the data, which they claimed to have copied.

Security researcher Bob Diachenko worked with security firm Comparitech to discover the database, which was left completely exposed online. However, hackers had already got there. It was only left online for four days without password protection before attackers found the account.

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My Voice is My Ultimate Password

Many businesses strive to deliver easy access to data and services that is simultaneously perceived as secure and easy-to-use by customers. With voice-based inquiries gaining in popularity and expected to reach 50% of all queries by 2020 according to Gartner, businesses are paying attention to voice biometrics and speech technologies.

Voice biometrics is also recognized as the only biometric authentication method available for remote use, making it easier for consumers and enterprises to use and deploy.

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Top security technology trends in 2019: Transforming the future of work in security

With insight from client inquiry data, market insights and research projects, analysts explain why and when these eight technologies will disrupt.

Walk the show floor at any security event, and you will be inundated with a multitude of purportedly cutting-edge and disruptive security technologies. When every vendor claims that their solution is unique and that no security program would be complete without it, how do you cut through the noise to pinpoint what you must pay attention to and invest in? We give you a leg up in our new report in which we highlight eight of the most influential and important security technologies this year. Forrester security and risk analysts drew insight from our client inquiry data, market insights, and research projects to identify these eight technologies and explain why each will disrupt and its trajectory for the next three years.

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